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September-October Wine Seminar Calendar of Classes


    Alsace Wine Tasting

Join maître sommelier Harold Toussaint in a two session series of tastings to explore the specialized information regarding one of France’s most diverse, rich, complex, and overlooked wine regions. The instructor, himself admits he has much to learn about the 51 Grand Crus of Alsace and its mosaic of 13 different soil types in order to facilitate discussions and discoveries. Let’s explore these delicious, sophisticated wines together. 

Objective of Session 1 is to discern, compare, and contrast the flavor profile of Alsace Grape Varietals Accompanied by an Assortment of Cheese paired specifically for the wines.


Objective of Session 2 is to explore the rich, noble, and complex Alsace Grand Cru Vineyards Accompanied by Foie Gras made in-house at La Gamelle followed by Pastries with the dessert wines.

 The Wine School at La Gamelle  presents



Wednesday, September 28, 2016 75



Crémant d’Alsace

White, Rosé or Blanc de Noirs, brut or dry, Crémant d’Alsace is notable for the elegant, sophisticated characters that it shares with the world’s best sparkling wines: a fine mousse, delicate acidity and refined aromas.





 Refreshing, light-bodied wines with  delicate fruit. Pale, with green tints, which  underlines this variety’s characteristic  freshness. Aromas are delicate and  appealing. Bouquet is subtly fruity and  floral: citrus, white flowers, freshly cut  green grass. Food: Veal Chop with  Duxelles Mushrooms


 Pinot Blanc

 This light-bodied wine, with its sunny  aromas, is without comparison in terms  of the way it unites delicacy and  suppleness. Food: Halibut with Corn  Velouté, Morue en Papillote.



Considered to be one of the finest white wines in the world, Alsace Riesling is one of the great success stories of the region’s vineyards.

Food: Poulet au Riesling, Tai Green Curry, Onion Tarte.



Notable for their vivacious fruit, intense aromas and dryness (a distinct difference from Muscats produced further south).

Food: Béjing Duck.



Pinot Gris

This noble grape creates wines that are full enough in body to stand in for red wines, should the occasion so demand.

Food: Pâtés, Clams in Black Bean Sauce



Probably the most famous of Alsace’s wines, it is instantly recognizable thanks to its exceptionally aromatic personality.

Food: Duck with Lentils.


Pinot Noir

Amid the symphony of great white grapes from Alsace, one red grape stands alone. Used to make rosé or red wines, the Pinot Noir grape’s hallmark is finesse with savory aromas.

Food: Filet Mignon.

 The Wine School at La Gamelle  presents



Wednesday, October 19, 2016 75



White, Rosé or Blanc de Noirs, brut or dry; notable for the elegant, sophisticate characters that it shares with the world’s best sparkling wines: a fine mousse, delicate acidity and refined aromas.



Grand Cru Muscat

Great finesse and well-structured body: Alsace Muscat Grand Cru from vineyards such as Kirchberg share an elegant bouquet, which develops remarkable aromas with time, distinctive of calcareous marl soil.


Grand Cru Pinot Gris

According to Grand Cru Gloeckelberg vineyard, such wines display surprising finesse, lightness and elegance. But can also be fleshly with a powerful bouquet and great persistence on the palate, they age particularly well.


Grand Cru Riesling

Characterized by their very fine, richly floral bouquet. Delicate, distinguished, they do not attain their plenitude until after several years in bottle.


Grand Cru Gewurztraminer

Massive square acidity, ample and profound, these wines are based on an elegant structure, long aromatic persistence and tannic presence in the finish balanced by ripe fruit in their youth; a more floral palette with age, while maintaining a good frame acid.



Late Harvest (Vendanges Tardives)   Intense gold hue. Nose: ripe, concentrated fruit. Aromas of quince, caramel, tropical fruit jam and honeyed notes blended into a heady bouquet. Palate: unctuous and smooth, with a precise balance between richness and elegance. Finish: long, and voluptuous.

Sélection de Grains Nobles

The harvesting of individual grapes, each infected by noble rot, lends its name to these wines. An overall impression of intense concentration.

Aromatic intensity; a powerful, full body; a heady sweetness and a long finish are the hallmarks of these vinous works of art.

Food: Foie Gras, Desserts, Triple Crème Cheeses



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